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Clinical Referrals

Thank you for your referrals.

Below is information that you will need to know about making a patient referral for treatments at our facility. Referrals are necessary for patients seeking treatment in our hard-sided hyperbaric treatment in order to receive 100% oxygen as part of their treatment (this is standard for medical grade hyperbaric treatments) 

Often, patients are reaching out to you with this treatment already in mind. They may even already have a protocol in mind that they wish to recreate at our facility. If they have any questions about protocols, number of treatments, pressure, etc, they are more than welcome to reach out to our office directly. 

You can find information about conditions treated here:

You can find research about HBOT and different diagnoses here:

The most important document we need from you in order to provide treatments to your patient is this referral form for 100% oxygen. Digital Referral form here or at the button immediately below. 


Contraindications for care:

  • Patients taking these medications: 

    1. Bleomycin 

    2. Disulfiram

    3. Mafenide Acetate

  • Patients who have or are suspected to have: 

    1. Hereditary Spherocytosis

    2. Sickle Cell Anemia

    3. COPD

Hyperbaric oxygen is usually well tolerated with few side-effects. However, there are some side effects that patients may experience. Most of these items below are avoidable and/or reversable with our trained hyperbaric technicians attending to the patient during treatment. 


  • Visual refractive changes (typically only short lived)

  • Cataract maturation (HBOT may not cause cataracts, but may cause them to mature)

  • Claustrophobia

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Barotrauma of the ear (with our trained technicians this is avoidable)

  • Round or oval window rupture (with our trained technicians this is avoidable)

  • Sinus squeeze - can occur if patient has a cold/congestion

  • Tooth squeeze - can occur rarely with a poorly done tooth filling/dental work. 

  • Oxygen toxicity seizures (with our trained technicians this is typically avoidable/reversible)

  • Pulmonary oxygen toxicity (with our trained technicians this is typically avoidable/reversible)

  • Decompression sickness (with our trained technicians this is typically avoidable)

Rare complications: ​

  • Pneumothorax or pulmonary barotrauma (if patient has fragile lungs or recent lung injury)

If you have any questions about these at all, please reach out at 515-421-4002.

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