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What to expect

Your first appointment will be a consultation with our certified clinician, Dr. LoRang. He will

perform a history and a physical examination and, based on your symptoms and treatment

goals, he will work with you to develop your protocol.

On subsequent visits, you’ll work directly with our hyperbaric technicians to assist you in and out

of the chamber and to monitor you throughout your treatments.

Terminology that you may encounter
when seeking out hyperbaric treatments


This is a term used decrease pressure in the tank as you are finishing

your treatment.

Atmospheres absolute, unit of pressure



pounds per square inch

Oxygen Concentrator

We will use an oxygen concentrator to provide additional oxygen

during the treatment.

When you enter a tank for treatment, our clinicians or technicians may use the

term “dive” to describe your experience as your chamber is pressurizing. This term

harkens back to the roots of this treatment modality as being heavily influenced by deep sea diving.

This is a term used to describe the tank being pressurized when you begin

your dive.


We ask that you wear 100% cotton clothing that is comfortable.


Your driver’s license, military ID, school ID card with a photograph or voterregistration card

a. If you are a minor (under 18), you must have your parent/guardian with you for your first appointment.

We accept cash, check, credit cards, Apple Pay, Health Savings Accounts

(HSA). We do not accept insurance for HBOT. Please bring your preferred payment

medium, as payment will be due at the time of your appointment.

How Long it Will Take

Typical sessions are 60 minutes in length so please allow 70-80 minutes for your entire appointment.

 Contraindications to treatment:
Please see our new patient intake forms for these details.