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Ask the Doctor: Why bring HBOT outside of a hospital setting?

From Dr. Chris LoRang:

“I first learned about hyperbaric medicine (HBOT) at a well known health hackers conference. At that conference, I met Dr. Jason and Melissa Sonners, owners of our affiliated organization, HBOTUSA. Dr. Jason Sonners explained to me the significant benefits that he observed with himself, his patients, and how it could be integrated into a multidisciplinary clinic such as Capital Chiropractic. I did my own first treatment at this conference. After the treatment, I felt incredible: focused, energized, calm, and clear headed. From that point forward, I knew that I wanted to bring these chambers to Iowa. The more I learn about hyperbaric medicine, the more excited I become about the future of this technology in our healthcare system. There is a significant body of evidence that supports the utilization of hyperbaric medicine with a broad spectrum of conditions and symptoms. Because HBOT clinics within hospital settings can not treat off-label conditions, there was an observed lack of access to this treatment tool for those patients who were seeking it out within Iowa. With a healthcare system failing to meet the needs of so many patients, we hope to move the needle by making hyperbaric oxygen treatments available directly to patients in Iowa.*”

Dr. LoRang is certified by the International Board of Undersea Medicine as a Functional Medicine Hyperbaric Clinician (F.M.H.C.). The F.M.H.C. certification focuses on use of recompression chambers in chiropractic hyperbaric settings. This includes the proper use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure and concentrations, as well as focusing on the management and safety concerns in a chiropractic setting.

Dr. LoRang works with patients directly on their consultations and treatment plan protocol. Dr. LoRang, a chiropractic physician, is also the owner and clinical director at Capital Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center.

*Referrals are needed for treatments involving 100% medical grade oxygen.


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