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HBOT, Telomere Length, and What That Means For Anti-Aging

What is a telomere? While most of us aren't familiar with this term, we've all got them! Telomeres are structures made from DNA sequences and proteins found at the ends of chromosomes. They cap and protect the end of this important cellular feature.

Telomeres are required for cell division. Each time our cells divide, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until they're so short that your cells can no longer perform this action. When cells no longer divide, our tissues begin to age and age-related conditions begin to make themselves known within our bodies.

Recently, the research regarding HBOT + anti-aging has begun to increase rapidly. Interestingly enough, we have a patient that conducted a research study on himself, as he wanted to gauge his telomere length at the beginning of his HBOT sessions versus towards the end.

Please find his results, along with his HBOT protocol and the specific test used, below:

As we can see, John's investigative results reflect a positive outcome for his telomere length. While we're still in the beginning stages of learning what this means for the aging process, the research looks promising!

Want more? Here is another study regarding HBOT + telomere length. We also have a different blog post regarding hyperbarics and anti-aging, which can be found here.

There is also an incredible video from Dr. Jason Sonners of HBOT USA regarding aging + hyperbarics, and in it, he mentions telomeres! Check it out:

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