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Why do we need a referral to dive with 100% oxygen?

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Why do we need a referral to dive with 100% oxygen?

Oxygen is arguably the most natural thing in the world for humans. However, when it’s utilized as 100% medical grade oxygen, it is universally considered a “drug”.

Dr. LoRang’s certification from the International Board of Undersea Medicine as a Functional Medicine Hyperbaric Clinician (F.M.H.C.) and his doctor of chiropractic license allows him to run our facility. However, chiropractic physicians are not allowed to prescribe drugs or pharmaceuticals of any kind, which is why a referral is needed from a MD/DO/NP/DDS.

Even though our clinic is considered an “off-label” facility, we still abide by the rules and regulations in place for the safety of our patients. When patient’s utilize our hard-sided chamber AND also request 100% oxygen, a referral from an MD/DO/NP/DDS is required.

We have two types of chambers at Iowa HBOT, including a soft-sided chamber and a hard-sided chamber.

Our soft-sided chamber utilizes an oxygen concentrator. Patients do not need a referral to dive in the soft-sided chamber and those patients can work directly with Dr. LoRang on their requested treatment protocol.

Our hard-sided chamber can be used with 100% oxygen, or with just atmospheric air. Patient’s do not need an outside referral if they are diving in the hard-sided with only atmospheric air (approx. 21% oxygen). The good news is that a referral/prescription is only needed for diving in our hard-sided chamber WITH 100% oxygen.

When patients are seeking 100% medical grade oxygen as part of their treatment protocol within our hard sided chamber, a referral from an outside clinician is required.

In summary:

Soft sided chamber - no referral required

Hard-sided chamber - no referral required

Hard-sided chamber with 100% oxygen - referral/prescription required.

Diving in either chamber at any level is going to have many benefits, however, most of the research that we have on HBOT utilizes 100% oxygen as part of the treatment protocol.


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