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Is HBOT safe for children?

A child peeks over two balloons.
Photo by Ramin Talebi on Unsplash

Is HBOT safe for children?

This question is quite common for those seeking HBOT treatments, and it’s one that we are often asked.

We are happy to confirm that the answer is YES! Hyperbaric treatments are safe for children! In fact, research shows that it may help alleviate symptoms related to cerebral palsy, ADHD, autism, and more. Check out more research here.

For the comfort of both the child and parent, most often, we have parents that dive with their child.

Four boys sitting in the grass, laughing.
Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

If you’re curious about getting your little one in for a dive or have questions, give us a call at 515-421-4002!


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